The Riders

So, we now have 14 intrepid riders confirmed...

Gaz "Gazlar" Derry

Nick "Clank" Blundell

Sarah "Miss Notax" Pain

Ben "The Northern Monkey" Ellis

Keith "Kickingmule" Smith

Peter "DF33" Dewison

Steve "Ste_T" Taylor

Tom "Lawman" Law

Richard "Richie63" Brooks

Alex "Northern Train" McFarlane

Mark "Bails87" Bailey

Mike "Tudj" Tudge

Sherome "projectsome" Douglas

Stuart "El Capitano" Lyden

Plus let us not forget our wonderful support team of Gill and Saul who are going to keep us moving, fed, watered, repaired and massaged. Hopefully we shall be able to add another couple of riders to the list of our Welshland explorers soon.

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