Thursday, 18 July 2013

Helping to Lead the Way

230 miles is a long way and a lot or Ordnance survey maps to carry, so how were we planning on making sure we don't get lost in September. Fortunately for us, help was at hand when Cambridge based technology stepped in to become our first corporate sponsor and offered us free GPS software for smartphones and ordnance survey mapping for the whole of Wales. 

The software they have donated will help us to pinpoint our exact location at all times whilst guiding us along the preloaded route in very much the same way a sat nav would work in your car. At the same time we can use the Viewranger app to log data such as our distance travelled and speed which will give us useful and interesting data to reflect on after a hard days riding.

ViewRanger is used by over 100 search and rescue teams across Europe and North America and over 85% of Search and rescue teams across the UK and Ireland use ViewRanger, so it really is top notch software, which should keep us pointing in the right direction at all times.

The team at Viewranger have been so keen to help us get to grips with how to use the software, and App Marketing and Sales manager has even offered to come out on one of our training rides to meet the team and show us all the tricks of the gadget. They have been very supportive too by assisting us with webtools to display the route on this website and a write up on their own blog to maximise the coverage the Crudcatcher Coast to Coast Challenge gets in order to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. 

The app itself is free to download using your phone's app service, but more detailed maps such as the ones provided by Viewranger to the challenge, cost extra. For more details about Viewranger go to

To donate to the Crudcatcher Challenge please use the links on this website and go to our just giving page where we would be most grateful for your contribution to help fight cancer.

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