Monday, 29 July 2013

You are the Wind Beneath my Wheels

The Crudcatcher Coast to Coast challenge received a major boost today with a generous donation of equipment from MTB North Wales.


The guys at MTB North Wales contacted us following a post on our Twitter feed asking for help and contributions to the logistical side of the challenge and were keen to find out how they could help. Once they were aware of the sort of items that we were short of for the ride they suggested that they could provide us with a quick inflation pump and C02 canisters to carry in our trail pack, meaning that any punctures we suffer can be dealt with much faster.


One of the problems we have found whilst training is that a lot of time can be lost with mechanical issues especially given the number of us riding, the potential for problems is much increased and can really impact on our progress.  Punctures are a major source of disruption as they are easy to pick up and quite fiddly and time consuming to put right, especially with the tight fit of modern tubeless bike tyres and with small trail pumps. The C02 inflators will allow a much quicker turn around in repair time and help us to complete each day.


The team at MTB North Wales were aware of the sorts of terrain we would be coming up against as they are the "go to guys" for all things about riding in North Wales and Snowdonia.  They are the official mountain biking organisation of North Wales and work in partnership with Snowdonia National Park to promote respectful  mountain biking in the area.  Their page on Facebook, is a font of knowledge and posts from bikers in the area and look out for their tweets on @mtbnorthwales carrying the hashtag #MTBRespect.


As a mark of our respect for their kind donation, we will be carrying their logo on our vests and bikes, so people are aware of the contribution they have made to help us in our challenge, not only to ride from coast to coast across Wales, but to raise much needed money for Cancer Research UK.


There is still an opportunity to help us, we are desperately in need of the following items

Small bike parts such as cables and chain links

Energy gels/drinks and recovery products

Bottled water

High energy trail food such as cakes/chocolate/flapjacks

Local and National media coverage

If you think you can help with any of these, or know anyone that may be able to, please drop us an email at and help us to make a difference to the fight against cancer.


Once again, a massive thank you to the guys at MTB North Wales for all their help and support, its much appreciated by all of us.  

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