Friday, 27 September 2013

1st Casualty of the CCC2CC

Unfortunately, a long road climb has forced me to bail out of the CCC2CC for the time being as an old injury has resurfaced and I've pulled/twisted something in my knee. Standing is ok, but I just can't put any pressure on it to turn the cranks and have been in considerable pain.

Thankfully our support guys are here to give me a lift so that I can try to recover with a combination of ibuprofen gels and tablets, however it is still hurting a fair bit.

I'm properly gutted, I had a twinge appear half way through yesterday but managed to keep the legs spinning.
Everything felt good this morning after I had a carpark warm up and good stretch while people were prepping bikes, but I think the anadin could have been masking the pain.
I was quite looking forward to the rest of today too. This morning was all on the road and the xc route over The Black Mountain was just around the corner.

The map shows our current location and how far we've come. To get so far and potentially have a game over is hard to swallow.

For now, the ccc2cc riders are a man down.

- Ben

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