Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 5 - "The Chipgate Scandal"

We actually started on a hight on day 5 Stu's frame was up into the early hours putting his replacement bike together, food and company had been good and clothes were suitably dry enough from the water fest the day before.

As we got in quite late last night due to a closed bridleway, we decided to change the route slightly and head down the road in the morning.
In no time we had coveted around 12 miles and were back on track and started to climb out of Llandovery towards the Black Mountain.
Unfortunately, about 30km in my knee became painful enough that I had to jump in the van to let the others carry on.

It wasn't much further to the start of the bridleway up the Black Mountain where the group left the support vehicles.
However about 10 minutes later Bails was back for a replacement tyre as Clanks tyre had decided it didn't want to be round any more and exploded.
So Bails grabbed the replacement and shuttled it up to the incident.

I've been reliably that the climb up the Black Mountain was very very tough and because of the number of sheep tracks up there,  it was proving difficulf to navigate.
While they were traversing up and over, the support vans took an hour drive round to the other side to wait for the crudders to appear.
From the top of the mountain, they finally caught sight of the South Wales coastline, boosting spirits over what had been an ardous climb.
The descent was fast and grassy with sudden rock fields to keep people on their toes. A few punctures were the only incidents fortunately.
Around 3 hours after setting off up the mountain, the riders appeared and headed the shory distance down to our accomodation for the night at Craig Y Nos Castle.

After a good food, (apart from Steves missing chips, which did eventually turn up 5 minutes after he'd finished his food), drink and relax we turned in for the night.

So now were up and its the last crudder breakfast... its been an epic adventure and although we're tired we don't want it to end!

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