Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 1 + 2 done!

2 days down 4 to go!

Unfortunately I had no signal yesterday so was unable to give an update...

Day 1.
It was a hard slog, unfortunately most of the 1st few km were long and flat which meant that the climbs came in big chunks nearer the end of the day.
The 1st rocky climb out of Conwy was a bit of an eye opener and set the tone for the rest of the day.
It didnt however prepare us for one of the longest, steepest road climbs we've  ever seen.
Luckily the support vehicles were to hanf all day which meant we could refuel at the top of all the climbs.
We eventually got to the Marin at Gwydir forest for a run through part of the trail centre and into the bunkhouse at Bettws y Coed having covered 34miles.

Day 2.
We started off well with a climb from the bunkhouse up to Penmachno.
We had some long fire road climbs and eventually made it onto some superb singletrack.
After riding some of Penmachno, we had a few more road miles followed by what can only be described as a mental climb up through a quarry and eventually to the top of a huge mountain with a superb view.
The desent on the other side was possibly even more stunning, something we'll possibly never see again.
It was then another linking road ride and onto some fire road before eventually linking onto the Coed Y Brennin trail and again some brilliant singletrack.
We then had another long fire road then road slog before eventually getting to our next bunkhouse.
Currently trying to sort food as we're all STARVING!

First 2 photos are day 1, the rest are day 2.

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